Sessions can either be face to face or via Skype.

First session is half price.

​Prices starting from £20.00/ hour per adult student.

​Discounts available for adult  students:

​1) For a block of  10 sessions purchased: £190.00 (non refundable).

2) For a block of  5 sessions purchased: £95.00 (non refundable).

3) For a block of 10 sessions purchased at the price of £200.00, the 11th session is free. These 10 sessions are also non refundable.

GCSE STUDENTS £25.00 PER HOUR (Skype or face-to-face).

Possibility of discounts:

For a block of 10 sessions bought in one go:

£240.00 instead of £250.00

A LEVEL STUDENTS £28.00 / £30.00 PER HOUR (Skype or face to face).

For a block of 10 sessions bought in one go:

£290.00 instead of £300.00

​DEFL levels 1 and 2 £25.00

TWO ADULT LEARNING TOGETHER £25.00 (face to face only, not Skype) providing they are not preparing for an exam such as the DEFL.

For a block of 10 sessions: £240.00 instead of £250.00​

My first session is 50% less than the normal price so we can discuss a learning plan, the material we will use etc and you can see for yourself how I work.

After our first session, if you would like to learn with me,  I would recommend you  consider the discounted options I offer above or that you purchase a minimum of 3 sessions (non refundable) so you can  realistically see  how you can fit learning a language into your life.

I will expect you to buy Grammar and exercise books which will suit your level of French. I will guide you with this. You will also be able to use my own audio and written documents to help you improve your French.


References available upon request

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